Hi, I'm Valentina and I had breast cancer at 27 years old. The way I was diagnosed was perhaps not the most common, but for the same reason you have to be attentive and be responsible with the controls. In a normal visit to the gynecologist, he told me that he recommended a breast ultrasound because I am buxom, although I had no pain, no change, or anything special. And I had it done, and the radiologist found me "a small breast", which looked small, but she told me to have it checked once a year, luckily I was a matea and I did it that way, because in the 5th year of control the radiologist told me that it looked different, bigger and irregular, so she suggested a biopsy, I had it done and it was finally cancer. I think that when they tell you this is one of the worst moments of the process, because you think you are going to die right there. But after you go through the different stages, you realize that this is just another test of life, a very hard test, but that you are not going to have a heavier burden than you can bear, that you have strength that you did not think you had, and that you have a lot of people around you who are infinitely concerned about you, and that without thinking about it they go to help you. Maybe for me that was one of the hardest things, because I was used to helping others, but now I was sick, so I had to assume that and let others help me. Having cancer made me realize that I had to have more time for myself and that my dreams were just as important as others. Although I feel that having cancer was not as terrible as I thought it would be, I wouldn't give it to anyone, because it changes your life suddenly, without warning, and not only yours but also the lives of those close to you, and no one is prepared for that, that's why it's fundamental that we take care of ourselves!!!"

 Valentine, 27 years old

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