«One day during the quarantine, I was taking a shower and when I was soaping I felt something strange. Due to the size of the tumor, I detected it and went to see a specialist. I still postponed it for a while because of the pandemic, the COVID contagion, etc... One always looks for an excuse to avoid having a check-up. "Oh yeah, I'll go next week", but you don't realize how important it is to detect anomalies in time. If I hadn't been urged at home to go for a check-up, I wouldn't have detected my cancer and I would have thought it was just a lump, part of my body. Finally when I went, they told me it was cancer.

I recommend regular self-examination 100%. You need to be consistent in doing it, one day it may not be there but then it is, it can happen to anyone and at any age.

It happened to me at 23, thank goodness I felt it, I touched it and checked it in time. «

 Alexandra, 23 years old

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