Palpa is born from the story of La Jovita

Jovita felt an anomaly in her breast and decided to ignore it. Years later, she was diagnosed with grade IV breast cancer. This story would not be the same if she had been informed and aware of how to distinguish an anomaly. In this context, Palpa was designed, a device with an educational purpose to raise awareness and empower women regarding the self-care of their bodies from youth and to be able to bring self-examination closer to their routines.

Beyond the product, it is a cultural change

Our mission is to educate and train breast self-examination, so that women are able to know their body and distinguish changes over time. In this way, promote early detection of breast cancer, especially in young women.

"In 2020 I graduated as a Designer with a project called Palpa. The product was designed to teach young women (like me) to feel a tumor, to encourage self-care in the routine and help them lose their fear of palpating. It's just that no one teaches us how to do a self-exam and that's so simple! I never thought that Palpa would go so far and that it would have actually saved lives. Now let's keep thinking big so that there are fewer and fewer stories like those of my dear Jovita"

Josefa Cortes | Founder and CEO